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Kilrock Mega-K
Multi-Purpose Descaler

The original multi-purpose descaler in a 1L format for professionals Unique biodegradable, phosphate-free formula has been descaling kettles for over 70 years: nothing performs like it! Ideal for kettles, shower heads, coffee makers, WC pans…

Brush On Gel Descaler

Powerful non-drip descaler designed to cling to smooth surfaces The unique brush applicator makes it ideal for bath rims, water drip stains, limescale build up around taps, shower surrounds, tiles and shower heads.

Rated 5.00 out of 5

Appliance Descaler

Cleans and descales large appliances Fragrance leaves appliances smelling fresh By breaking down the build up of limescale, Big-W improves your appliance’s overall efficiency As a general rule we recommend you descale your washing machine…

Power Spray
Limescale Remover

Destroys hard water stains, limescale deposits, soap scum, dirt and grime This powerful formula is ideal for bathrooms, leaving a long lasting shine Ideal for removing white marks on your shower surround and discolouration at…

Spray Gel

Thick spray that is specially formulated to stick to stained surfaces Because the formula doesn’t run away it is ideal for tiles and bath and shower sides Breaks down limescale and cuts through grease and grime…

Descalene 5 Dose Pack Descaler

Multi-Purpose Descaler

Safe, effective and fast multipurpose descaler made from citric acid For hard water areas where appliances require regular descaling Pack contains 5 doses.

kilrock slam plughole unblocker kitchen

Slam Plughole Unblocker

Specially formulated single dose drain unblocker that dissolves fat, grease and food Rapidly clear blockages, stopping slow draining water and refreshing smelly sinks Simply pour the contents of the sachet down the plughole, pour a…

kilrock slam plughole unblocker bathroom

Slam Plughole Unblocker Bathroom

Specially formulated single dose bathroom plughole unblocker that dissolves hair, grease and soap scum Stops slow draining water to leave plugholes free-flowing Simply pour the contents of the sachet down the bathroom plughole, pour a litre of very hot…