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Kilrock-K (250ml)

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The original multi purpose descaler.

•Nothing performs like it!
•Cleans heavily scaled kettles in minutes.
•Ideal for metal and plastic kettles, steam irons, and WC pans.
•Phosphate free.

Kilrock-K cannot be sent through the post. It has to be sent by special carrier. As a result the minimum we can sell is a pack of 6.


6 bottles

6 bottles

In stock


20 bottles @ 10% discount

20 bottles @ 10% discount

In stock


Customer reviews

The only descaler they had in my local hardware store so was a bit dubious but bought it as it was not pricey. MY LUCKY DAY! After trying it and reading the reviews I am happy to endorse it. Straightforward honest product that does the job.

M Alex

So glad to have found this product! Since moving into our flat we had lime scale at the bottom of the toilet bowl. No matter how much I used regular supermarket cleaning products Harpic etc nothing worked. Was advised to use this by a staff member at Homebase. Simply put 2 parts in the toilet bowl


Excellent. Cleared bath drain.Moved house and no one had lived here for a while. The bath drain was extemely slow draining and became very bad. We dragged out a lot of limescale from pipe we could get at but the rest of the piping was not accessible. This product has saved us a lot of money. We put two measures in some hot water down the drain and after a couple of days was able to use the plunger which didnt work before. We did not want to use a stronger acid and ruin the metal plughole and this was safe enough to do no damage.

Lesley Phillips

Wow!!! What a product! Came across this product and hoped it would do the job on my toilet.within hours I could see the limescale coming away.already looking to see where I can buy my next blows all other limescale products away! Thanks kilrock.

Lisa Sunderland

Got this as it was cheap. Thought it might help a bit. Was proved wrong. COMPLETELY got rid of the limescale in my kettle!! Such an amazing product!! Will be buying again and recommending to everyone!!

Chris Byrne

Love it only thing that works on my taps


Brilliant best product ever bought

Terry Clark
Burton on trent

Truly wonderful stuff descaled my kettle in minutes and cleared the lime scale of my toilet bowl as well. Will be buying more and recommend it to everyone.

Brenda Cowden

This product beats all those dilute and ineffective varieties on supermarket shelves which cost six times as much and do half the job. Kilrock is fuss free fast and effective.

Mike 1

Kilrock is quite simply the best product available. I was recommended it by a friend who's mother had used it for years. My tip is to put the shower head in the kettle when you're descaling it and do 2 jobs at once!

Johanna Martin

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