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Gel Kilrock x 2

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Gel Kilrock x 2 - A unique brush-on Gel Descaler.

Ideal for removing hard-water bath stains, and "crusty" limescale build-up around taps and plug holes.

Built in Brush-Cap. Simply brush on, leave to work, rinse away.


Pack price £6.98

Unit Price 3.49 each

Sold in packs of 2

In stock

Customer reviews

Truly wonderful stuff. Tried all kinds of descalers and sceptically bought this last week to try on badly limescaled toilet bowl and taps. Unconvincingly took it out to try and was pleasantly surprised. Cleared the lime scale of my toilet bowl and around the taps. I love it. Thank you and well done. Recommend it to everyone.


Absolutely fantastic!I have a jacuzzi bath with hydrotherapy jets on the sides of the bath which have leaked water and stained the bath.To be honest I was a little worried about using this on my bath but it was amazing.Worked in seconds!!


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