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Power Spray x 2

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Power Spray x 2 - The ultimate spray descaler and cleaner
- Unbelievable performance -

Ideal for all areas in the home where water is used - sinks, baths, taps, showers, tiles etc.

Dissolves limescale marks rather than just smudging them! Leaves a lasting shine and has a pleasant citrus smell.


Pack price £6.58

Unit Price 3.29 each

Sold in packs of 2

In stock

Customer reviews

Amazing product.I live in a very hard water area so have major problems with limescale. Bought this originally to clean the enamel basins and tiles in the bathroom and it does exactly what it says. Heavier deposits will take 2 or 3 goes but it gets rid of limescale like nothing else I have tried.I recently got a glass shower enclosure and no matter what I tried the water marks just wouldnt go away. I tried all the usual home remedies but nothing worked. One spray of this and a bit of a scrub and the glass looks good as new.A truly first class product that actually does what it claims! I would thoroughly recommend this to anyone with limescale problems.

Reading UK

This is the best all round cleaner there is. It cleans brilliantly and removes limescale at the same time. Love it!


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