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Mould Spray x 2

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Mould Spray x 2 - Effectively removes stains caused by mould and algae.

This professional formula has a bleaching action. Ideal for all interior surfaces.

In bathrooms, kitchens, basements etc. Also effective outside the home.

Treats approx. 3 square metres of wall or 8 square metres of tiled surface.


Pack price £7.98

Unit Price 3.99 each

Sold in packs of 2

In stock

Customer reviews

This works like magic! Mould just disappears in 10 mins.


I have actively sought this website out to review this product which is something I rarely do. It is amazing stuff !! Sprayed it on and left it came back 20 mins later and could not believe the difference!!! it is like magic!!


I was a bit sceptical when I bought this as had already tried bleach bicarbonate of soda and other cleaners to remove mould on the mastic behind the kitchen sink. How wrong was I! Yes it did need spraying twice and I did leave the second spray on for a few hours but it is now superbly clear and clean. Well impressed with my Kilrock Mould Spray from Home Bargains. Now on to my next jobs.

Liz Jones
St Asaph

absolutely marvellous job! cant praise it enough. weve tried to get rid of mould in so many different ways but this seems to work just right. will be trying their other products too.

val martin

I bought this to get rid of mildewmould stains on my pale coloured car seats. Id had it valeted many times and the stains were getting worse. I bought this not really expecting it to work and how wrong was I Sprayed it on and 15 mins later it was COMPLETELY clear of any stains. I love this stuff!!

Heather Bell
Northern Ireland

bought this product from the range store at Avon meads Bristol nothing had worked on the mold in my bathroom sprayed this on 5minutes later it was all gone tried to buy more at the range today but they seemed too have sold outalthough I still have nearly a full bottle left. fantastic product

TGL Mealing
Kingswood Bristol

I bought this product thinking it would not work after trying other well known brand names. How wrong was I. This was the best product I have ever used.Completly removed stains without even so much of a faint trace. Brilliant

David Thompson

Incredible youve really got to see it in action to believe it. I seriously thought that the reviews could have been made up by the company until I eventually tried Kilrock Mould Spray myself. I used the mould spray on some stubborn mould patches the result was splendiferously momentous. Its the best mould spray weve ever used by far. Thank you Kilrock!

Mr S Harvey
East London

Used this for the first time a couple of weeks ago and it is brilliant. All the mould marks disappeared after a couple of uses. All the mould especially from the bottom of the shower panes. Just remember to open the Bathroom window to get rid of the not too nasty smell.

Jimmy Walker

We live in an old and slightly damp house which was covered in deep stubborn black mould. No bleach wash or antifungal treatment ever worked. Even stripping walls down completely and repainting with antimould paint didnt get rid of it. One spray of this took it off and it seems to be permanently gone!The paint is completely in tact too. Couldnt recommend this product highly enough. Just be careful not to get it on fabrics and make sure you have some ventilation as its quite strong smelling.

Mrs Metcalfe

This mould cleaner is absolutely fantastic! Honestly got rid of all the mould in my bathroom. I couldnt beleive how good my bathroom looks now.

Sonia Berry

I brought some kilrock mould spray from Jtf warehouse. I had an real heavy patch of black mold sprayed it on and went out for an hour. Got back home got a wet clothe to clean the mess whats! happened it had completely disappeared I could not believe it completely clean no residue nothing it must be magic I highly recommend this stuff.

brian holroyd

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