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Bar Keepers Friend POWER CREAM x6

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Bar Keepers Friend POWER CREAM x6 - A new addition to the Bar Keepers Family.

Based on a similar formulation as the famous BKF Powder, the Power Cream is perfect for Cookware, Metals, Ceramic and easy to "squirt" onto vertical surfaces. Power Cream is ideal for removing limescale/hard-water stains all around the house.


Pack price £17.94

Unit Price 2.99 each

Sold in packs of 6

In stock


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Customer reviews

I couldnt live without this product. Its brilliant at getting the water marks off the tiles taps and shower door in the bathroom and great at making the work surfaces and hob gleam in the kitchen. Recently it lifted off a load of caked on rust from my boiler that had been there for years!I definitely recommend it!


I love love love this product!!! I use it in the bathroom for removing water stains and nasty marks from my shower door tiles and taps. And it smells really nice too.


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