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Bar Keepers Friend ORIGINAL POWDER x6

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Bar Keepers Friend ORIGINAL POWDER x6 - The Original Stain Remover and Multi-Surface Cleaner and the oldest cleaning product in the USA!

This high performance powder cleaner uses the natural power of Oxalic acid, found in Rhubarb and Parsley.

Ideal for cleaning stainless steel, in fact all metals, ceramic surfaces, laminates, tiles, plastics and glass. It restores heavily stained cookware and also removes rust!


Pack price £17.94

Unit Price 2.99 each

Sold in packs of 6

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Customer reviews

Have sworn by Bar Keepers Friend for a long time it helps me keep my home ship shape and sparkling :


Absolutely brilliant a real swiss army knife of a cleaner I use it on everything from my pans to my motorbike


Been using Bar Keepers Friend powder to clean my brass and copper. Recently I had a bit of a disaster when I put a boiled dry pan on my white work surface I was left with a burn mark. I tried in vain numerous things then I thought I would try my Bar Keepers after a few applications I could see it disappearing a few more attempts and it was gone. I would highly recommend this product its my HERO product of the century

Christine PatersonJefkins
Milton Keynes

I use Bar Keepers Friend to get the scratches off my dinner plates and cookware. It works a treat.


My boiler broke down and I needed a plumber to fix it. I was so embarrassed by the enormous buildup of rust from a previous leak that I tried desperately to clean it off. Of course nothing worked. Then I tried Bar Keepers Friend Stain Remover Powder and was absolutely astonished when it lifted all the rust off completely. Ive never seen anything like it!!! I will definitely be using Bar Keepers Friend again its brilliant!


I have used Bar Keepers Friend stain remover since i had my kitchen fitted in 1990 always been delighted with the product.

Roma Macro
Brentwood Essex

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