Slam Plughole Unblocker Bathroom

kilrock slam plughole unblocker bathroom
  • Specially formulated single dose bathroom plughole unblocker that dissolves hair, grease and soap scum
  • Stops slow draining water to leave plugholes free-flowing
  • Simply pour the contents of the sachet down the bathroom plughole, pour a litre of very hot water down and leave it for 3 minutes




How to use

Empty any remaining water from the sink.

  1. Cut corner from pack, pour the entire pack contents slowly down the plughole
  2. Carefully pour around 1 litre of very hot water down the plughole
  3. Leave for 3 minutes
  4. Flush plughole with lots of tap water.

Repeat this process a second time if the blockage is not cleared. Do not repeat a third time. Call a plumber if the problem persists.