Iron Cleaning Stick

kilrock iron cleaning stick specialist surface cleaner

The Kilrock Iron Cleaning Stick removes burnt on deposits and sticky fibres from your iron, letting it glide again. This simple-to-use product will make your iron last longer, saving you money and time.



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How to use

  • Warm iron and unplug
  • Remove cap and push up the Iron Cleaning Stick
  • Whilst iron is still warm, but not hot, run the Iron Cleaning Stick onto the stained areas on your iron soleplate (before applying the Iron Cleaning Stick make sure you are in a well ventilated area)
  • Let iron cool, and rub away residues with a soft cloth
  • If iron has heavy deposits, repeat above procedure

IMPORTANT: After cleaning soleplate be sure that all Iron Cleaning Stick residue is removed from steam vents and edges of iron before using, as this could stain fabrics.