Multi-Purpose Descaler

Descalene 5 Dose Pack Descaler
  • Safe, effective and fast multipurpose descaler made from citric acid
  • For hard water areas where appliances require regular descaling
  • Pack contains 5 doses.



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How to use

Washing machines

  1. Pour 2 sachets of Descalene in the empty drum
  2. Run one main wash cycle, without prewash.


  1. Pour 2 sachets of Descalene in the powder dispenser or on the inside floor of the empty machine
  2. Run one main wash cycle without prewash.

Plastic or Metal Kettles

  1. Half fill kettle with water and boil
  2. Disconnect kettle from mains and stand in the sink
  3. Slowly pour 1 sachet of Descalene into kettle
  4. Water will fizz, leave for 20-30 minutes
  5. Empty, rinse twice, then refill, boil and empty.


  1. Mix one sachet with 200ml of warm water
  2. Heat iron to hand warm and unplug
  3. Pour into iron and set control to steam
  4. Gently shake over sink until solution starts to drain through
  5. Leave to drain in sink with sole plate down for 20 mins
  6. Rinse and drain twice with warm water
  7. Clean soleplate and ensure iron is dry.

Coffee Machines

  1. Mix one sachet with 200ml of warm water
  2. Carefully pour miced solution into the coffee machine
  3. Switchg on machine and allow to run through normally
  4. Repeat process with clean water 3 times to remove all traces of Descalene.

Shower Heads

  1. Mix one sachet with 200ml of warm water
  2. Place in container deep enough to immerse shower head
  3. Leave shower head in solution 20-30 mins
  4. Rinse container and shower head thoroughly before re-use.