Damp Clear
Hanging Moisture Trap

damp clear hanging moisture trap
  • The best way to remove excess moisture and musty odours from small spaces
  • Sachets have a one-way filter that pulls moisture in and prevents it from escaping
  • Pleasant lavender fragrance freshens up musty spaces
  • Ideal for wardrobes and drawers
  • Contains 4 sachets per pack.



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How to use

For wardrobes and larger storage areas

  • Use the 2 sachets together. Clip the hanger into the small hole at the top of the sachet.
  • When hanging, leave some space on the paper filter side to allow air flow.

For drawers and smaller storage areas

  • Use 1 sachet, tear along perforated line to separate.
  • Place with filter side up, do not cover, to allow air-flow.

Filter paper side should not be in contact with clothing/fabric. When all the crystals have turned to gel, dispose of in domestic waste.