Dabitoff Handy Wipes

  • For everyday stains, spills, spots and splashes
  • Specially formulated foaming action lifts stains such as food, wine, mustard, ketchup, chocolate, tea, coffee, blood, grass and more
  • Handy size makes them ideal for storing in your bag, glove compartment or desk drawer.



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How to use

  • Remove any solids and blot excess liquid with a kitchen towel
  • Gently wipe the stained area from the outside towards the centre and dab
  • Repeat as necessary
  • Dried in stains may need repeated dabbing with a second wipe

Test on a hidden area for colour fastness. If colour is affected, do not use this product. Do not use on velvet, brocade, rayon or materials unsuitable for wet cleansing.