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Specialist Surface Cleaners

kilrock iron cleaning stick specialist surface cleaner

Iron Cleaning Stick

The Kilrock Iron Cleaning Stick removes burnt on deposits and sticky fibres from your iron, letting it glide again. This simple-to-use product will make your iron last longer, saving you money and time.

mould spray specialist surface cleaner

Mould Spray

Effectively removes stains caused by mould and algae Professional formula with bleaching action Prevents mould resurfacing Ideal for all interior surfaces in bathrooms, kitchens, basements etc Also effective on balconies, saunas, sheds, plant boxes and garden…

mildew mould specialist surface cleaner

Mildew & Mould Gel

Innovative brush applicator lets you reach hard-to-clean areas Ideal for silicone sealed joints and corners Professional formula with bleaching action Prevents mould resurfacing.

Bath & Shower Cleaner

Thick formula clings to vertical surfaces for a deeper clean than other similar products Shifts grease, soap scum and surface limescale Leaves surfaces streak-free and sparkling clean Ideal for shower surrounds, baths, sinks and all…

hob specialist surface cleaner

Hob Cleaner

Effective formula that works on electric, ceramic, halogen and induction hobs Cleans, polishes and remove grease and stubborn stains Leaves surfaces streak-free.

oven gel specialist surface cleaner

Oven Gel

Easy to use brush-on fume-free cleaner Brush allows access to areas that are otherwise hard to clean Highly effective formula breaks down grease and stubborn burnt on stains Suitable for all ovens.

stainless steel cleaner specialist surface

Stainless Steel Cleaner

Ideal for fridges, freezers, oven fronts, hobs, extractors, sinks and all stainless steel surfaces around the home High performance formula cleans, polishes and removes grease and stubborn stains Leaves surfaces streak-free and restore a deep…

granite marble cleaner kilrock specialist surface cleaner

Granite & Marble Cleaner

Ideal for all types of granite and marble work surface, whether they’re matt or polished Gentle lavender fragrance leaves a pleasant smell after cleaning High performance formula removes grease and stubborn stains Leave surfaces streak-free and…