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Drain Unblockers

kilrock slam plughole unblocker bathroom

Slam Plughole Unblocker Bathroom

Specially formulated single dose bathroom plughole unblocker that dissolves hair, grease and soap scum Stops slow draining water to leave plugholes free-flowing Simply pour the contents of the sachet down the bathroom plughole, pour a litre of very hot…

kilrock slam plughole unblocker kitchen

Slam Plughole Unblocker

Specially formulated single dose drain unblocker that dissolves fat, grease and food Rapidly clear blockages, stopping slow draining water and refreshing smelly sinks Simply pour the contents of the sachet down the plughole, pour a…

kilblock bathroom unblocker

Kil•Block Bathroom
Drain Unblocker

Blasts through bathroom blockages to leave plugholes free flowing and fresh Specifically formulated to clear bathroom blockages by dissolving hair, soap and other trapped deposits A weekly application of a third of a bottle will keep…

kilblock drain unblocker

Drain Unblocker

Multi-use unblocker for plugholes and outside drains Powerful caustic formula breaks down organic waste such as fat, grease, food, hair and concentrated slime to shift even powerful blockages A weekly application of a third of…